Saving to Serve

Saving to Serve
Angie and Daniel Jean Claude

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Great Resource for Couponers

Stuff You Don’t Want to Forget
My couponing process usually takes 1-2 hours not including shopping time (not too bad). Here’s what I do:
1. Sunday afternoons I spend one hour max sorting the Sunday ads, clipping the coupons and putting them in my binder. How?
2. Buy five papers
  • Separate the ads and collate the same ones together. (i.e., Five ads for Pantene should be in one stack.)
  • Print out the sorting sheets and lay them out on your table. (Click here for the sorting sheets)
  • Cut five coupons at once. Three options: scissors, paper cutter, paper slicer and cutting board.
  • When you cut the coupons, place them in the relevant category. (i.e., Cheerios coupons go in the ‘Cereal’ section.
  • Finish cutting all coupons. I keep a trash can next to the table and throw the remains right in the trash can.
  • Finally, start with the first section on your sorting sheet and put your coupons in your desired organizer. (options: envelopes, accordion file folder, binder with sections and plastic sheets)
4. Make sure you save your CVS, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens ad out of the paper (you’ll need them).

5. Visit and look at the coupon matchups posted weekly.
There is also a coupon database on this website that helps you check if there are coupons to go with the ad that you don’t have.
6. Print coupons when you have a second. I don’t know how long this takes because I’ve worked it into my routine. The boys watch Baby Einstein before naptime and I send a bunch of coupons to the printer. Put them in a stack and save them for Sunday when I cut them at the same time as the ads. (Cutting once a week saves tons of time.)

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